Dating Sunday: Don’t Overshare when Dating

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So I was really excited to travel this October. My last trip was a two-month Bali trip which ended on March 2, 2020.

Since then, I haven’t left Dubai. I’m OK with it though because I’d rather be stuck somewhere safe and secure.

As soon as I finalized hotel bookings for an October trip, I got information that the government of that country introduced new restrictions. And now I have to wait and see if anything changes until October.

I feel like all I do these days is follow travel news without really going anywhere!

What about you? do you plan to travel anytime soon? and if so, where will you be visiting next?

Why you Shouldn’t Overshare when Dating

Reframing is an NLP technique that helps you navigate any bad situation and look at it from a brighter, more empowered perspective.

For example, my father is the type who’s very rational, analytical, logical and direct.

He doesn’t get it when I spend a long time talking about one specific topic with so much detail and clarity.

He likes to just cut to the chase and get to the conclusion of the story straight away. He doesn’t care about the details.

In the past, this trait used to really hurt me and cause me so much pain.

I would feel like my story-telling skills are a waste of time and that he truly doesn’t care about my feelings.

Being a writer, I can’t help but use descriptions and talk about something from all angles. It’s just my nature.

Well, to reframe this situation, I can see it as great practice for when I date!

Because all men like to compartmentalize the data that you share with them, talking about too many things at once leaves them feeling overwhelmed and even annoyed.

This dating tip is important for another reason. Not just to not overwhelm a potential match.

The other more important reason is that you want to remain a mystery. Let me explain.

Dating Rule: Don’t Overshare

When you share everything all at once, no matter the topic, you don’t leave any space for interest.

So if the man already knows everything that he needs to know, he won’t feel anticipated to speak to you again.

He will feel like he already has all the information that he needs to know and that leaves no room for wanting to engage with you in more conversations.

I know that most of the women who follow my blog and work are strong, smart and independent.

This is why I had to share this tip with you, since I know how you are.

You are also honest, authentic and transparent. Which are all good traits to have but they need to be tweaked for dating.

Once you’re in a committed relationship, you can talk all you want! you can jump from one topic to another and have long, deep conversations with your partner.

But for now, you need to follow some rules to help you get into partnership.

I’m so happy to share these rules with you in my Dating Sunday blog post series.

So please feel free to comment with any questions or dating dilemmas that you might be facing and I’ll be happy to answer these in a future blog post.

Happy Dating!

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