Dating Sunday: Don’t Leave the Dating Space!

Life Updates

I’m feeling so happy and proud of myself for keeping a daily blogging schedule on both Saudi Diva and this site.

It feels great to be back to regular blogging after a long break. If you missed the updates, my laptop crashed in my second month in Bali and I only managed to get it back on my last day!

I’m also feeling excited for 2024 because I’m taking inspired action to manifesting my dream life.

Read on to discover what this means for your dating and love life.

Dating Strategies

If you missed last week’s blog post, you can read it here. I was sharing about how my six-month Bali move was partly to test out meeting men in real life.

I also share how that strategy didn’t really work for me this time around. And I explain why I think it didn’t.

You can go here to read the entire story and let me know whether you tried meeting men for dating in real life. And how that strategy worked for you.

Today’s Dating Tip

I wanted to share a very important tip with you today. And it’s one that I sadly wasn’t following in the past couple of years.

For some people, they meet their person organically at high school, college, work or through mutual friends.

Others might also meet their person in real life or through other organic ways. I truly think that’s wonderful.

But for those of us who went through all of life’s phases and didn’t meet our special someone, who we can share our life with, we need to invest time and energy into finding them.

I’ll tell you about how I used to follow all the manifestation methods, from journaling to visualization in meditation to creating vision boards and lists. You name it, I’ve done it and I’ve done it repeatedly too.

What I wasn’t invested in so much was taking actual action in the physical world. I think it’s because I was simply focused on doing the healing work in those years.

But then even after I stopped attending spiritual growth workshops and doing other types of healing work, I still wasn’t taking much action. And guess what? I didn’t date or meet anyone.

You can also read this blog post on my other blog, Saudi Diva, about this topic. Don’t forget to sign up to the blog while you’re there.

Messages from the Universe

Ages ago, I remember listening to a podcast show about dating and relationships. I actually don’t listen to podcasts anymore but this story was a while back.

The host of the show (that stopped airing for a really long time and I remember just deleting the podcast from my library), said something that I kept in mind.

She was giving dating advice from her personal experience and she said: “Whatever you do, don’t leave the bar.”

She was referring to being out in the dating space where everyone else is also dating and looking for their person.

The truth is that dating can sometimes be discouraging and disappointing. But even though it’s not always a walk in the park, we should stay in the dating space until we meet our person.

I share this piece of advice with you because it resonated with me so much!

I’ll be honest and tell you that I myself wasn’t following this advice. Many times, I would be disappointed after a failed dating experience and I would just self-isolate and go back to doing me, without investing into dating or meeting new people.

So if you’re like me and you didn’t meet your person through any of the organic ways, then I highly suggest that you dedicate time and energy into dating and meeting men.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this post. I would love to hear form you.



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