Dating Sunday: Don’t Commit before He Commits

The Lesson in Each Experience

Early January of 2020, I got ghosted by someone who I was introduced to through my matchmaker. After a year of processing what happened, I realized that he actually did me a huge favor.

After the awful incident, I spent the past year learning everything that I could about dating and relationships. I discovered the dating rules and that one of them is to not commit to a man emotionally before he does.

This knowledge truly helped me see things from a new perspective. So I thought of sharing with you my learning lessons and the dating skills that most of us don’t know about or follow.

Practice Leaning Back

To sum up how you should act when dating any man, lean back and see what he has to offer. This means acting like a high-value woman and not trying to influence his decision to be with you.

As long as you know your worth and value, then you can trust that the right man will pursue you and be consistent in his communication. If he’s not, then you can let him go.

What most of us women do is develop feelings for someone and commit to him emotionally, then discover that he was just looking at his options and that’s what dating is all about!

To protect your heart from being broken, don’t commit to a man emotionally before he commits. Simply act like a high-value woman, don’t overshare and most importantly don’t give what hasn’t been earned. Like time, energy, affection – don’t give any of that when you’re just getting to know someone.

Leaning back means being in your feminine energy and seeing what the man has to offer. If he’s interested, he will be consistent with daily communication and he will want to know more about you. But until he says to you ‘verbally’ that he wants to be exclusive, then you can just keep dating other men.

Men can tell pretty quickly if the woman they are seeing is who they’re looking for and if they want to have something serious to do with her. So usually, a man will commit within two months if he wants to.

And the way he will commit is ask you to be exclusive in words. You don’t need to talk about it or bring up this topic. Because you will be busy dating other men and expanding your dating opportunities. You’re not waiting for any man to commit to you.

Dating Sunday Blog Post Topics

There will be a new dating series blog post each week. I’ll be sharing with you the main things that I learned from my research into this topic.

Until the next one, feel free to suggest new topics in the comments!

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