Dating Sunday: Diversify your Dating Funnels

This New Moon in Pisces has such a magical, promising energy to it. It feels like those of us who were working on manifesting their dream partners in the past two years, are now ready to receive.

If you missed my latest Dating Sunday blog post, you can read it here. I talk about the importance of not committing to a man before he commits emotionally.

While manifesting a partner is a fun and exciting journey. Understanding the dating habits of both men and women is so important. You also want to follow the rules that will help you have successful dating experiences.

In these series of posts, I’ll be sharing one important rule and asking your thoughts on it.

Dating Funnels

What I mean by dating funnels are the different ways that you will take to make yourself open to dating.

The main thing when it comes to choosing the ones you will commit to is to see how you feel about each one. You don’t need to try all of them but you want to commit to the ones that feel right for your soul.

When it comes to my dating strategies, I personally tried most of the ways to meet men!

My least favorite is dating apps or sites. So far, I’ve been on two different free dating apps and it’s been exactly a year since I deleted the only app that I had on my phone.

Online dating – and specifically dating apps – doesn’t make me feel good. I also feel like I’m entangling my energy with toxic men and delaying the manifestation process.

If you want to know more about the topic of entangling your energy and how harmless chats can block your perfect match from finding you, read this blog post.

Another dating strategy that doesn’t make sense to me is the friends and family plan. Because I was raised in a toxic home environment, this truly affected my relationships with others and the friends that I make. So because I’m super selective with who I allow into my life and who I can call a close friend, the option of meeting new men through my friends is not really valid. Most of my friends are either single and looking (like me) or are in marriages with men who don’t really resonate with my type.

My two favorite types of dating funnels have to be the matchmaker route and the law of proximity.

I successfully manifested two good matches through these two ways in the past two years and that’s why I commit to them.

I feel good about meeting men in a natural way and by just walking around neighborhoods – I’m a real hippie!

I also enjoy working with a matchmaker who gets me and who gets what I’m looking for. Also remember that speaking about your desire gives it more power and fast-tracks its manifesting.

Other Ways to Meet Men for Dating

The other ways to meet men for dating are through virtual events or dating opportunities and by expanding your connections online.

You can also try using paid dating sites instead of the free apps as that’s a better strategy for meeting men who are into a long-term relationship.

I personally like the idea of virtual dating events and I’m looking forward to joining some of these once they manifest into my reality!

I also put in some effort into expanding my online network – although I wouldn’t say that I make it a priority.

The main thing to remember when choosing your dating funnels or strategies is to tune into your intuition and only do what feels right for you.

If swiping on profiles makes you feel bad about the whole dating process and that your man doesn’t exist, then definitely get off these apps.

And don’t feel like you have to do them all. Just commit to at least two or three strategies to help you get dates.

Which dating strategy is your favorite? which one are you following these days? does it make you feel optimistic about manifesting your perfect match? Let me know in the comments!



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