Dating Sunday: Date yourself and Live your Best Life!

In the latest Wellness Wednesday blog post on Saudi Diva, I shared about how I treated myself to authentic Japanese street food.

This is something that I encourage you to do as a way to discover yourself really well before you meet your person.

If you’re not used to going to restaurants alone and find it uncomfortable to do so, start by just visiting cafes on your own.

This gives you an opportunity to feel comfortable dining by yourself and then you can extend this to restaurants and bars.

What this also does is help you get to know things about yourself that you might not be aware of now.

Simple things like how do you like to drink your coffee, what’s your standard Starbucks order, where do you prefer to sit in a place, what types of places do you like to go to, which of those spots resonate with you the most and make you feel like you’re in your element.

There are so many things that you probably don’t know and these will be uncovered as you get used to dating yourself and spending time alone in public.

Why is this Important?

A few years ago – I think it was late August of 2015 – I made a solo trip to the Maldives. It was for about seven days and it felt good to take a break from city life. But I wouldn’t go back as it’s an artificial place and doesn’t resonate with my soul.

Because you have independent resorts there, I was dining at the hotel where I was staying each night.

One of these nights, I decided to try the Japanese restaurant and they had a Teppanyaki table for guests.

While I sat at the counter facing the chef’s table, there was a newly-wed couple sitting next to me.

As the Chef was about to start cooking the raw meat – I wasn’t vegetarian at the time – the woman said to her husband: “Are we going to eat raw meat?”

She was genuinely surprised and confused at the situation of eating raw meat!

The husband seemed like he was familiar with this Japanese style of live cooking and serving. But it was definitely her first time to experience it.

I don’t share this story to judge anyone or to say that I’m better because I’m well-cultured and well-traveled.

The point from this story is to encourage you to start living your best life now and not wait for when you’re part of a couple.

Mainly because by doing this, you will have an easier and more effortless integration into a partnership.

Another reason is that by acting as if and doing the things that you would do with a partner now, you’re brining that reality closer to you. This is one of the law of attraction principles and you can read all about it in this post.

What can you do Today?

How can you start dating yourself and getting to know the real you from underneath the layers of conditioning?

Are you a foodie? are you an active person? are you an artist?

Whatever you enjoy doing, start doing things alone and living your best life now.

I personally started to treat myself to lunches at restaurants occasionally. I also travel solo all the time and I have an upcoming trip next month.

Stay tuned to both my blogs to read all about my trip and how I’m following the signs to manifest love.

Happy Dating!

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