Dating Sunday: Build your Self-worth Before you Start Dating

It’s been a really long time since I wrote anything on this blog. But I’m always active on my Saudi Diva blog. You can check it out and subscribe here.

I’ve made two trips to Italy this summer and I’m still writing about them on the Saudi Diva blog. So feel free to read the travel stories and comment with your thoughts or questions.

Another project that was keeping me busy was writing my first book. The book is basically a self-help guide for the insecure woman who is looking to manifest a healthy and loving relationship.

The book has been written and will go through another round of edits before it gets designed and published. The process might take another year, so you can stay updated by signing up to the newsletter on the Saudi Diva book page.

Self-worth is the Foundation for Manifesting Love

If you’ve been using the law of attraction to manifest your dream partner and it hasn’t been working. I can tell you that one important element of manifestation is building your self-worth and feeling secure and confident in your own skin.

In my upcoming book, I share a step method for manifesting love by working on your self-worth and confidence first.

Each step of the process shares stories from my personal life and they’re all related to the topic of feeling not good enough.

I’m very excited to share this book with you and to help you manifest your dream life and person.

Until the book is out, you can learn how to build your self-worth by following my social media posts and blog stories.

I’m now active on my Saudi Diva Instagram stories, Facebook Page and Twitter. You can find links to all socials on the blog.

I also plan to write regular blog posts on this blog too. So stay tuned for that and sign up to the newsletter.

Leaving you with a message from the Universe at a beach in a coastal Italian town sometime in June.

What spiritual messages have you been receiving and noticing? Did you travel anywhere this summer?

Let me know in the comments!


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