Dating Sunday: Are you still Attracting Emotionally Unavailable and Toxic Men?

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What was originally a trip to explore another place to be based out of for part of the year, turned into a powerful healing experience.

If you’re still Attracting Toxic Men

I’m 41 years old and I just managed to break the cycle of attracting toxic men into my life!

What I can tell you is this: It takes a lot of inner work, patience and persistence.

My latest trip to Malta didn’t start off magical at all. Because of the Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon energy, I spent my first two weeks there embracing the shadow side of being single. All sorts of negative things were happening and I felt so desperate that I was going to see a famous fortune-teller.

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What happened towards the end of my Malta trip was so powerful and magical! I started to attract emotional healthy and secure men into my reality. I didn’t technically go out on any dates but these men kept showing up in my last week.

I realized that I finally broke the cycle of attracting toxic and emotionally unavailable men and that I was ready to be with someone secure and emotionally present and available.

The journey to getting here was not easy at all. I started the intense energy work in late 2018. In the winter of 2019, I attended group therapy workshops for both inner child and tantra (teenage years sexual deconditioning).

When I wasn’t doing these group therapy sessions, I was integrating the work, being mindful about who I engage with, practicing setting healthy boundaries, decluttering my apartment and my life from toxic connections and consuming a lot of podcasts and books on topics like LOA, manifestation, healing, dating, relationships, science.

The truth is that there’s always deeper healing to be done. But I made an intentional decision to not participate in any more spiritual growth or healing workshops.

To me, attracting secure men was a natural progression of all the inner work that I’ve done since October 2016!

How Long did it Take?

It took five years of consistent work and two years of integrating the deep work (inner child therapy).

I want to share my story honestly because I’m not the typical manifestation coach who will give you false hopes.

Depending on what you’ve experienced in your childhood, the healing and manifestation journey will take time.

I know how Frustrating it can Feel to Attract Toxic Men

If you’re in the stage of attracting toxic men, then I can tell you that there’s more inner work that you need to do.

I know how you feel because I was there for all of my life and I’m 41 now.

I also know how frustrating it feels to do the work and then continue to experience negative and toxic dating experiences.

That’s actually the worst stage! Because even after you do some work, you will continue to attract toxic men because of the old energy that your energy body is emitting.

The only thing that you can do is stay persistent with the work and with choosing differently. It will pay off eventually- trust me.

Now, I can easily identify bad or toxic men from a mile away and I’m no longer attracted to them!

It feels so good to be aligned with a new, healthy energy.

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