Align with The Universe & Attract Synchronicity into Your Life Today

What is Synchronicity? Have you ever thought about someone and then they unexpectedly called you or you bumped into them?

Do you ever have certain thoughts or questions that preoccupy your mind? Then, suddenly what seems like a sure sign pointing you to the answer appears in an unusual way?

Have you ever met a stranger and by complete chance they began speaking about something you have been pursuing, thinking about, or looking for answers to?

At face value, these may look like interesting coincidences. However, if you are more receptive, you will see that they are subtle nudges pointing you in a certain direction. Usually it’s a direction you consciously or unconsciously want to go. 

This is what is known as synchronicity—the idea that coincidences are more than casual happenstances.  They are, in fact, energetic manifestations of our inner psychological and emotional state. 

You can look at synchronicity as the magical way in which the Universe and all there is, is trying to communicate with you. 

Whether or not you are conscious of it, the Universe is always responding to you. One of the most powerful ways it does this is through signs and symbols in the form of synchronicity.

The ability to harness the power of synchronicity can bring you closer and closer to the things, people, and circumstances that are for your highest good. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to align yourself with the Universe and master and manifest the magic of synchronicity.  

Attract Synchronicity: Surrender to Not Knowing 

As humans, we want predictability, we crave certainty, and we need to be in control of how our life unfolds. There is nothing wrong with planning, setting goals, and taking action to live the life you want. However, you must realize that you do not know how every aspect of your life will turn out.

attract synchronicity

The problem with being preoccupied with creating linearity and predictability in your life is that you end up missing the vital signs and symbols the Universe is sending your way. When the awesome magic of synchronicity happens, you will miss it or even mistake it for a nuisance. 

To be in alignment with the Universe means to surrender to the flow of life. It means accepting the idea that we cannot always know how things will turn out; you can only do your best and then be open to all the possible outcomes. 

Often, we are dead-set on one possibility—that life and the things we want will come to us in a certain way. Therefore, we miss the warning signs and the guiding beacons altogether. 

As the saying goes, the Universe works in mysterious ways. The things you want can come to you in many different ways, some of which you could not imagine. The secret is to stay open to these possibilities and to be okay with not knowing exactly how things will happen. 

Leverage the Opportunities That Come Your Way

The Universe will send signs, nudges, and guidance your way but how you choose to interpret them and whether you choose to act on them is entirely up to. Sometimes, the best cause of action is not taking any action at all. That being said, if you notice a consistent theme or a string of strange coincidences, it might be in your best interest to take strategic action. 

The synchronicities that appear in your life are always a reflection of your inner state. They are answers to questions you are asking consciously or unconsciously therefore it makes sense to leverage the answers that are sent your way. 

For example, let’s say you have been dissatisfied with your job for quite a while. Unfortunately, you haven’t been able to change jobs or pursue a career path that interests you. At some level, you know you want a change but maybe you are too scared to make a career move or you are unsure what kind of move to make in the first place. 

If you are keen enough, you will begin to notice all sorts of opportunities that might be calling you to change your career a certain way. Say you have a pull toward entrepreneurship, as you go about your day to day life, you might start to notice signs like business grants opportunities, an entrepreneurship seminar, or even ideas for the business you are (sub) consciously thinking about. 

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to act on every sign sent your way. However, you have to be decisive and strategic and not let opportunities pass you by. Synchronicity and Life itself favors inspired action as opposed to passiveness and inaction. 

Inspired action is the path of least resistance. When you act on the signs and nudges the Universe is giving you, you are essentially avoiding potential road blocks so you will get to where you want faster. 

Be courageous—the Universe is communicating with you, which means you are on the right path. 

Attract Synchronicity: Tune into Your Intuition

Your intuition, that unmistakable gut feeling is your guiding light. It would not be an exaggeration to say that your intuition is never wrong. It is always leading you to your highest good. 

Although we all have an intuition, not all of us have cultivated this gift. Tuning into your intuition and allowing it to guide you requires self-awareness and just a general sense of awareness of your environment. 

To be self-aware means to be in touch with your feelings. Feelings or emotions are the portal to your inner world, where your Higher Self resides. When you are self-aware you are in touch or aligned with your Higher Self. You can therefore listen to the whispers and gut feelings about people, places, things, and experiences. This is powerful intuition. 

The ability to harness your intuition will help you interpret synchronicities and discern their meaning in the larger picture of your life. By tapping into your intuition, you will know when to act, when not to, and when to wait it out.

Raise the Quality of Your Thoughts and Feelings

Synchronicity is fundamentally a reflection of our inner world; a mirror image of our consciousness. Synchronicity adheres to the universal Law of Attraction in that like energy attracts like energy. 

If synchronicity is the Universe’s way of showing you a path, it is because your consciousness requested to be shown that path or at least the signs leading to that path. 

Whether or not you are aware of it, the Universe is always giving you what you ask from it through the thoughts and emotions you put out there.

Whatever you are projecting is already out there. This is even before the people and circumstances that align with your energetic projections manifest in a self-prophecy. 

It is not difficult to see this in action. If you start your day on a high note, you will mostly attract people and circumstances that uplift you or at least align with your good mood or positive attitude. The opposite is true—a negative state of mind or a bad mood will likely attract more of that vibe. 

Here is something interesting about emotions: Researchers have proven that emotions have the power to change the physical environment. For example, researchers found that positive thoughts can have a positive effect on plant growth. Similarly, negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and jealously can have a profound effect on our physical wellbeing. 

 The law works the same way beyond our physical bodies. The Universe acts as though you know that you are a powerful creator. It therefore delivers to you the people, things, and circumstances that align with the thoughts and feelings you are projecting.

The more emotion you wrap around a certain thought, the faster you will manifest an outward reality that is a perfect fit. 

What’s really great about all this is that you have the power to change your attitude. This is not about fake optimism or pretending that all is well when the opposite is true. Rather, it is about the attitude with which you choose to approach life. Whatever attitude you send out, the Universe will respond to it in equal measure. 

Instead of looking at coincidences or synchronicities as things that happen outside of your control, embrace the fact that they are actually your own creation. This means you can use your thoughts and more importantly, your feelings to attract synchronicities that serve your greatest good. 

Look for The Opportunity in Every Set Back 

When you understand that your Higher Self is always supporting your best interest, you will see that what seem like negative situations could be the key to the greatest joy or purpose of your life.

Does this mean you should project vibrations that attract difficult situations into your life? Of course not. This would be attracting unnecessary suffering; you would be choosing to learn the hard way.

attract synchronicity

Nonetheless, on your path to fulfilling your purpose here on earth, you will certainly experience difficult, sometimes impossible situations. It will feel like Life is working against you but it is impossible for Life to work against itself!

So, what do you do with emotions such as fear, anger, or anxiety that accompany challenging situations in your life? One of the best things to do is to channel those emotions into something positive. You do not have to hide your emotions but by positively harnessing them, you can begin to see the lessons every difficult situation is trying to teach you. 

Do not stop when you encounter the proverbial fork in the road. Chances are good that you are on the right path. In fact, roadblocks could also be signs from the Universe guiding you and showing where to go and which path to avoid. 

When you embrace difficult situations as messages from the Universe, when you are receptive to communication from your Higher Self, you will start to connect the dots and see where you are being led. 

Attract Synchronicity: Ask the Universe for Guidance

attract synchronicity

A powerful way to manifest synchronicities is to simply ask the Universe. You do not have to be religious to pray for a sign, especially when you need something or you cannot figure something out. 

You are a powerful creator but you are not alone—every moment, you are in fact co-creating alongside the Universe. Say you have a tough decision to make and you are unsure which way to go. 

You could send out such a prayer: “Thank you Universe for the gift of clarity. Show me a sign that I am walking on the right path/show me a sign to help me make the right decision.”

Sometimes, the sign will come to you immediately and other times, it might take a little longer. You must be patient and trust that the Universe will send you the sign you have asked for. 

You will know that you have received the right sign, an indication that you are on the right track when you feel aligned and at peace with the guidance you are receiving. 

If the guidance you are receiving does not feel right, it means you are not in alignment with the Universe in the sense that you are attempting to control the outcome. You are therefore not open to receiving. Go back to your prayer and ask for guidance, this time letting go of attachment to a particular outcome. 

When you ask the Universe for guidance, you must have total faith that you will receive it. Do not be hung up about what the sign should look like—just be open to receiving it. 


You are always receiving unlimited guidance from the Universe—you are never alone. One way the Universe guides and responds to you is through synchronicity. 

When you look at the events in your life through this truth, you will not only be able to attract more divine guidance but you will also take the necessary action you need to unlock the doors of opportunity at every turn. 

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