5 Facts You Must Consider to Manifest a Healthy, Romantic Relationship

A loving, caring, deeply satisfying romantic relationship is at the top of the ‘want list’ for most of us. 

Healthy relationship

We all want that tantalizing feeling of being in love, connected, supported, and cared for. The fact is romantic love can be a marvelous portal to your soul essence, allowing you to experience a deep spiritual connection to all there is.

However, healthy and satisfying relationships can be quite elusive. This does not mean they are impossible to manifest; lots of people are already enjoying an amazing one-of-a-kind romantic relationship with the love of their life.

The thing that makes manifesting a healthy relationship difficult is that most of us are usually trying to manifest from a place of desperation and selfishness. And, alas! According to the universal Law of Attraction, we end up attracting relationships that are based on desperation, codependency, mistrust, and fear. 

Fortunately, it is entirely possible to attract your dream partner and the ideal relationship just by changing your mindset and clearing the space to receive what you ask for.  

Are you are ready to manifest the healthy romantic relationship that you deserve? Here are important truths to keep in mind and close to your heart. 

1.    A Healthy Relationship with Yourself Is the Foundation of All Other Relationships 

Before you can attract a healthy, loving relationship with another person, do you have an equally loving and healthy relationship with yourself?

Love yourself

According to the universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like. This means you need to have a healthy kind of love with yourself to attract someone capable of being in a healthy, loving relationship.

The truth is, most of the time, we do not love ourselves enough. It is so easy to bring ourselves down with hard criticism or to engage in self-destructive behaviors. Unsurprisingly, unless you become aware and break the cycle, you will end up in destructive relationships over and over.

No matter what your shortcomings are, begin today to see yourself through the eyes of your Higher Self and not that of your ego. While the ego will criticize you, your Higher Self will remind you of your true essence as a loving, worthy, and marvelous being. 

You are a spiritual being who chose to take up a human body. At the core of your physical body is Spirit—effervescence, beautiful, endlessly loving. 

Therefore, you want to approach yourself with kindness; clothe yourself with unconditional love. Show yourself the love you deserve. When you value and love yourself, you will have enough love to give. 

By building a loving and healthy relationship with yourself, you will avoid entering relationships to get love. Rather, you will be open to receiving love and to giving love to your partner. 

To transcend the ego, turn to your Higher Self as your greatest source of love. When you operate from ego, you make your partner the source of all your joy and pain. When you look to your Higher Self, you begin to see the powerful role you play in making your relationship a haven of love. 

2.    You Must Clear Your Limiting Beliefs to Give Room for Your True Love 

Do you always seem to sabotage your romantic relationships? 

romantic relationship

Do you find yourself aborting friendships that could potentially become fulfilling romantic relationships?

Self-sabotage is another major reason why healthy romantic relationships can be so elusive. Limiting beliefs are the root cause of self-sabotage. However, the problem is that most of the time, we are completely unaware of our own limiting beliefs. They do affect everything in our life, including our intimate relationships. 

Once you become aware of your limiting beliefs, you will begin to critically look at your behavior and see how it affects your love life. You will begin to see why you attract certain people in your life. You’ll learn why your relationships evolve the way they do, and why they end the way they do. 

Examples of subconscious limiting beliefs about relationships include:  

  • I cannot trust anyone
  • All men/women are cheaters
  • I am too (insert negative criticism) for anyone to love me 
  • People want me for my money 
  • I have to find someone before (insert timeline)
  • All the good people are taken 
  • I have to change myself to deserve (insert ideal partner) 

As the term amply suggests, these beliefs limit the kind of relationships you can possibly experience. If, consciously or subconsciously, your state of mind is “I cannot trust anyone’’ chances are good you will attract people of questionable integrity into your life. Your limiting beliefs are always self-prophetic.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes we do not even know that we have limiting beliefs about relationships. But, the sooner you identify yours, the faster you can begin to manifest the love of your life.

Try This Technique

Here is a technique you can use to identify beliefs that could be holding you back: 

  • Sit in a quiet place with a pen and piece of paper 
  • In bullet point form, write down your overall view of relationships
  • Notice the pattern of your thinking- Is your view about relationships empowering or uplifting? Expansive or limited? Supportive or overwhelming?
  • Notice your feelings too- When you think about relationships, do you feel anxious or excited? Optimistic or cynical? 

To manifest a healthy and loving relationship, do what is necessary to clear your limiting beliefs. You need to heal your hurt from past relationships. 

Start by forgiving yourself and everyone who might have caused you to form and hang on to any of these limiting beliefs. 

Forgive your family, peers, and exes. You might disagree with what they did or did not do but if you want to attract the love of your life, you have to forgive and let go of past hurt. 

Next, replace your limiting beliefs with empowering affirmations. For example, in place of a limiting belief such as “I have to find someone before (insert timeline)”, a powerful affirmation might be “The love of my life is coming to me at the right time.’’

Every time you sense your ego creeping in with self-sabotaging thoughts, counter these. Use self-reaffirming declarations that speak to the truth of who you are and what you deserve. 

3.    You Attract Those People and Experiences That Match Your State of Being

Another mistake many of us make when trying to attract a romantic relationship is approaching the whole thing from a place of desperation and want. This is yet another manifestation of limiting beliefs.

romantic relationship

Desperation means wanting and needing love. While it may seem like you are really eager for your soulmate to come into your life already, the truth is that you are attracting from a point of lack and want. 

When you are at a place of wanting and needing, you will only attract more of that feeling of wanting or needing love, which only perpetuates the experience of desperation. If you do manage to attract a romantic relationship in this state, chances are good that the relationship will be clouded with neediness, codependency, and other negative manifestations of desperation. 

The opposite is absolutely true. If you want a healthy relationship, your inner state should reflect just that. Instead of feeling desperate and fretting about how much you want to be in a relationship, live as if you already have the amazing relationship you want. 

Your current reality might be different from what you want but this is the time to be courageous and step outside what you have into what could be. Imagine what your ideal relationship would be like. What would you do with the love of your life? How would you feel?

Now that you know the kind of experience you want to have in a romantic relationship, identify things you can do to generate the amazing feeling of having your beloved already in your life. 

This is an important exercise, as it will help you raise your vibrational frequency from desperation to abundance and as per the Law of Attraction, you will attract abundance in your life and enjoy the love you deserve.

4.    Let Go of Timelines 

To manifest the love of your life, you must trust Divine Timing. Your timing here on the earthly plane is different from the timing of the Universe. 

When you surrender to this fact, all the stress, tension, and pressure will fall away and you can begin manifesting from a more positive place. 

Once you state your intention of manifesting your dream relationship, do not concern yourself with how and when it will happen—this is for the Universe to decide. 

The great thing about letting go of timelines and allowing the process to unfold on its own is that it eliminates feelings of desperation and self-sabotaging behavior. 

Because you trust that the Universe always acts on your cosmic orders (a healthy relationship in this case), there is absolutely no need to engage in desperate acts in an attempt to hurry the process. 

Believe that your ideal partner will come to you at the right time and be open to receiving them. It might seem like the Universe does not understand that your biological clock is ticking and that you need to partner up right now to get babies as soon as possible. 

Yet, your Higher Self is all-knowing and is wholly capable of choosing what is right for you at all times. If this is so, does it not make sense to just let go and trust your Higher Self? 

5.    Nothing Happens Without Action 

A common myth that keeps us in unhealthy relationships or sets us back from attracting the relationship we desire is ‘whoever my partner is, they will find me.’ 

romantic relationship

This statement disempowers you and more often than not, it will drive you to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Your ideal partner and dream relationship will not fall from the sky and onto your laps. The Law of Attraction requires action. Remember, you are a co-creator with the Universe; therefore, you must actively do your part here on the earthly realm and take the necessary steps to make your dreams come true. 

If you want an amazing relationship, you have to take action to meet people with whom you can potentially form the amazing relationship you desire. Put yourself out there. 

Isolating yourself or being overly judgmental of the people who come into your life is self-sabotage—you are doing the opposite of what you want! Of course, not everyone who comes into your life is going to be right for you and you do not have to welcome everyone into your personal space. 

Instead, listen to your gut feeling; it is the Universe’s way of telling you what is in alignment with your Higher Self and what is not. The Universe will also show you red flags but will not prevent you from taking the action you want to take.

If you choose to go forward with a person in spite of the gut feeling and the red flags, those are the actions of your choice and the Universe will oblige and give you more of what you have chosen or attracted. 

The lesson: think carefully about the actions you choose to takeR when it comes to attracting your dream relationship. Make conscious choices based on abundance and empowerment to manifest a romantic relationship with a similar vibrational match.  

Romantic Relationship Summary

You can find true love and enjoy a fulfilling relationship. It’s possible to find someone who gets you and loves you unconditionally. You are a powerful creator and you can create this reality for yourself. 

If you have been struggling to manifest your ideal relationship, start by identifying and clearing your limiting beliefs. Be ready to heal past relationship wounds and create space for the unconditional love you deserve. 

Above all, shower yourself with the love you desire. Before you can love someone else and before they can love you, you must first love yourself. And if you ever doubt your worth, remember you are a spiritual being who has chosen the human experience. You are love. 

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